Across all riding disciplines, we believe in the importance of a relaxed, happy horse. Horses should enjoy their job, and not be confused or concerned as to what the rider is asking of them. By “making the right thing easy” for the horse, and by understanding when and how much pressure to put on them, we believe riders can inspire a happy, workman-like attitude  that we like to see in our horses. We emphasize the importance of exposing horses to experiences beyond the riding arena, allowing the horse to still be a horse-- all the while teaching them to  look to their rider for guidance. In addition, we encourage riders to be in tune with their specific horse’s needs  to accomplish a better partnership. As such, a big part of our riding lessons include tailoring the rider to the idiosyncrasies of their horse.



When it comes to finding a horse of your own, we believe it is important to find a horse that is a match for your style and aspirations. If Tailored Equine Sport Horses doesn't have the appropriate horse for you, we believe in the importance of finding you the right one and will assist in your search. 



With our combined knowledge and experience in the equine industry, we can can help you and your horse get on track.  We develop horses of all ages-- from starting a young one under saddle for the first time, all the way to the Grand Prix level. Additionally, we have the tools to help work with one who is giving you trouble. 

We offer riding lessons to individuals of all ages and levels. Whether it’s your first time on a horse ,or you are ready to step into the show ring, we will work with you to tailor what riding program you are looking for. 

Operating out of Mariah Farms in Castle Rock, and the Colorado Horse Park in Parker, Colorado.